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Shiva Exports India

Shiva Exports India



Shiva Exports India

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Rose Oil, Kewra Oil, Mogra Oil, Jasmine Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Narcissus Oil, Blasum Peru Oil, Neroli, Lavender, bergamot, Rosemary etc.

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Shiva Exports India is committed to this sprite of growth in the field of natural essential oils. Since its inception, our forefathers established this business and after a long run taken in local market, SEI established to presents its true and pure products throughout the world consumer market. The world is where the future lies and we are reaching out to grab it with both hands. USA, South America, Greece, Africa & the Middle East are all on SEI map today and the list is continues expending. That is the essence of the SEI spirit - faith in our abilities and the belief that all things are possible. Ajowain Oil Aloevera Juice Clear Trasparent Angelica Root Oil Anis seed oil Artemisia, Wormwood Balsam Peru Bargamot Oil Basil , Holy Basil Basil , Canum Basil oil Bitter Orange Black Pepper Oil Calamus Oil Calendula, Marigold Camphor Cardamon oil Carrot seed oil Cedar Deodara Celery, Smallage Chamomile Roman Chamomile, German Cinnamon Citronella oil Clary Sage Clove leaf oil Clove oil Coriander oil Cumin seed oil Cypress Oil Cypriol Oil Davana Oil Dill Seed Oil Eucalyptus oil Fennel seed oil Frankincense Oil Garlic Oil Geranium oil Ginger oil Gingergrass oil Grape Fruit Pink Hyssop Juniper Berry Oil Juniper Leaf Oil Kapoor Katchari Laural Berry Oil Lavender Oil Lavendin Oil Lemon Balm Oil(Melissa) Lemon Cold Pressed Lemon Oil Lemongrass oil Lime Oil Loban Oil Lotus Oil Marjoram Sweet Myrrh Gel Nar Katchur Neroli Oil Nutmeg oil Olive Palmarosa Oil Parsley Patchouli Oil Peppermint oil Petitgrain Pine oil Rose Wood Oil Rosemary Oil Sesame Oil Spearmint Oil Spikenard oil Sugandha Bala Sugandha Kokila Sugandha Mantri Sweet Orange Tagetes oil Tangerine Oil Tarragon Tea Tree Thyme Oil Tomer Seed Oil Turmeric oil Yara Yara Ylang Yalng Narcisus Oil Hemp Oil Kewra Oil Rose Oil Mogra Vetiver Oil Rose Absolute Kewra Absolute Vetiver Absolute Jasmine Absolute - 1 Jasmine Absolute - 2 Almond Pure Apricot Kernel Virgin/Pure Canola Pure Grape Seed Oil pure green Jojoba Virgin Rosehip oil pure Avocado Evening Primerose Oil Bezoin Res. Oakmass Res Olebanum Resn. For any requirement about above oils, please feel free to contact with us.

Company Name : Shiva Exports India


Products of Shiva Exports India

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

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