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Emsons (Agencies) Ltd

Emsons (Agencies) Ltd



Emsons (Agencies) Ltd

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textiles, yarns fiber and food products

Description :

It is the exports division of Emsons (Agencies) Limited, a group which has wide range of business interests in textiles, yarns fiber and food products. The group directors are well connected and known in the business circle and belong to families which have been in business and industry for generations. We are one of the leading dealers of Reliance Industries Ltd. for their fiber division. Reliance is the largest private corporation in India and the biggest manufacturer of man made fibers and yarn in India and fifth largest in the world. We market POY, PSF and Texturised yarn made by Reliance in the domestic market and also act as their agents/dealer. We also deal in 100% cotton yarn and blended yarn and market the same in both domestic and international markets. In the field we are one of the largest suppliers of various specialised fabrics to the Indian armed forces. These includes special fabrics such as water repellent canvas, high altitude fabrics, supply dropping parachute fabrics besides basic olive green and camouflage fabrics in both cotton and blends. Other fabrics like twills drills and even khaki. Shirting's for Air Force and Navy. Besides the armed forces our buyers include local government departments and public sector bodies. We also manufacture for exports and armed forces supplies 100% cotton round mesh mosquito netting fabric which is being produced in our own plant located at Vapi in South Gujarat. We also make cotton shopping bags and bed-covers exclusively for exports. Besides uniform and other items we market fancy suiting and shirting made of blended fibers which are used for daily fiber to fabrics we are in a position to procure and supply to our buyers reliable goods and timely deliveries with the advantage of getting the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price and that too at the best terms.

Company Name : Emsons (Agencies) Ltd


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