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Prachi Poly Products Ltd

Prachi Poly Products Ltd



Prachi Poly Products Ltd

Description :

Prachi Poly Products Limited (ISO 9001 :2000 Certified, BVQI, London) was incorporated in 1992 as a Private Limited Company and converted into a Public Ltd. Company in 1995. The company was started by a group of technocrats with a mission to create social and economic benefits through aggressive expansion of both domestic and international markets and impovement of capital utilization. Prachi employs workforce of a hundred plus who are working on beautiful surroundings of our factory at Khopoli, which is 60 Kms east of Commercial Capital of India - Mumbai. The total occupied area of Prachi is 6 Acres with production plants of Phosphorus Pentasulphide, Diacetone Alcohol, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Food Grade Phosphoric Acid and auxillary facility includes steam, water, electricity generation, LDO handling, air separation and compression, chilling, thermopack unit, maintenanace, fabrication and raw material purification etc. Prachi is well established in the local chemical and pharmaceuticals and lubricant oil additive markets as a reputed and consistent manufacturer and supplier. Our R&D laboratory at Khopoli, India is thrusting on tough quality checks of the production batches and striving for an improved product. Based on markets and customers requirements, Prachi provides the perfect service to the domestic and foreign customers. Prachi has commercialized the multi product facility manufacturing various chemicals like Alkyl Phenol, Lubircant Additive & other speciality chemicals.The reactions mastered are alkylation, etherfication, esterfication etc. All equipments are of SS which include reactors, two stage vaccum enabled distillation columns with structured Sulzer packing. Thermax make hot oil system along with storage tanks, cooling towers etc. Prachi is also well established in trading of many chemicals whereby niche chemicals are imported for local market and other chemicals are exported globally. Prachi's assocaite companies are pioneer in industrial heat treatment, chemical equipment manufac-turing like columns, heat exchangers, LPG Bullets etc. and heat treatment equipment. Comercial competitiveness and quality consciousness are traits, which characterize all Prachi Group Companies. The Prachi belief in "Customers first, Reputation first" is one which emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction both in product quality and after sales service. Strict Adherence to ISO 9001:2000 standards helps ensure high quality standards and consequent high level of customer satisfaction. The people at Prachi are dynamic and committed. For them, upholding the company's reputation is not just part of the job, it is a mission. There is an ongoing quest for excellence and they are amply supported by the management's emphasis on enhanced communications with clients and staff. As our company reaches out to all the oppertunities that beckon, we are aware of the challenges ahead. And the challenges are many. In acknowledging the challenges the company is more confident than ever before.

Company Name : Prachi Poly Products Ltd


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