Upadhaya Valves Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd.

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Upadhaya Valves Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd.

Upadhaya Valves Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd.



Upadhaya Valves Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd.

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The 1970 was a period of rapid industrial expansion in India in both the public and the private sector. With the accelerated growth of industry, the demand for Valves and Pipe fittings also grew. Imports of these items were restricted, but the demand for quality was uncompromising. Vishwanath Upadhaya, so far trader in valves and fittings, decided to go into the manufacture of these products and formed Upadhaya valves and the company's first plant went on stream in 1971. Upadhaya valves and allied products were well received by users for their quality that met all national and most international specifications. Entering the international market was now a natural process for Upadhaya Valves, and soon it began to export its products. The demand from abroad for Upadhaya valves and fittings grew steadily, and today the company has loyal customers spread across over two dozen countries. Upadhaya Valves has won several awards for export excellence since 1973 and has subsequently been recognized as an Export House by Government of India. Upadhaya valves and fittings are widely in use today in Steel, Chemical and Fertilizer Plants, Petroleum Industries, Thermal power plants, Paper and Sugar Mills, Water Works, Sewerage Systems and several other places where efficient fluid handing is important. An important factor to which the success of Upadhaya products can be attributed is quality control of a very high order. Everything from basic raw materials to finished products is subjected to the strictest quality checks at various stages of manufacture at Upadhaya Valves' three manufacturing facilities. The company's testing facility has most modern testing equipment, including tensile strength, brinal hardness and shore hardness testing machines, hydraulic and pressure testing rigs, spark tester, painting thickness measuring electrometer and a chemical analysis and testing laboratory. Upadhaya products, whenever the customer so specifies, are also offered for third-party inspection by Export inspection agency, Tariff Advisory Committee and independent inspection agencies like Bureau Veritas, SGS India, Tata Consulting Engineers, M.N.Dastur & Company and such others. Vishwanath Upadhaya still heads Upadhaya Valves as Chairman and Managing Director . He is assisted in his managerial task by a highly competent team of executives and staff, most of who have decades of experience behind themin the manufacture and marketing of valves and fittings and allied products. With such a set-up and an obsession with keeping pace with the times, Upadhaya Valves is striving constantly to meet the changing technological demands of tomorrow for its kind of products.

Company Name : Upadhaya Valves Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd.


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