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Nutan Industries

Nutan Industries



Nutan Industries

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Power Control, Back- Up Systems, UPS, Stabilizers and Inverters

Description :

We have developed our core competence in the in the field of manufacturing of UPS, Stabilizers and Inverters. The credit for our phenomenal growth goes to the strong network we have across the globe and the quality we offer. We take full advantage of our rich experience and vast knowledge to maintain and strengthen our front-runner position in the industry. We focus upon delivery of high quality, durable products along with superior client services, which offers our clients a competitive advantage & create value for their businesses. In order to achieve our goal of offering quality products, we concentrate on offering value-added services to our customers and satisfying emerging market needs. Established in oct 2002 with a strong intention of providing quality products and Services to customers. Registered with sales tax since June 2003. We sell manufacture and maintain UPS (Offline & Online), Inverters, Stabilizers, Smart Light & Emergency Lamp. The company had a very different strategy all throughout for selling products and services. Very strong concept of "Reference selling" without any markting force. Every customer of ours is referred by another customer or by person knowing the intentions of the company and is deeply bound with trust and relation with the company. The company has a concept of training and modeling its employees to the commitment of the company for years and add them to the core group and bind him to the company so that he lives for the company and its customer, sharing all the benefits of growth. Any employee is considered fit for core group only after a minimum period of two years. The commitment, dedication and sincerity of our team of employee are hidden secret of tremendous growth of our organization. We in our company ensure that every customer who has paid for a service or product is left. " What is the one philosophy that driven, Nutan Industries ?" At " Nutan Industries Group " (an) essential a manufacturing and service provider company has dedicated to the cause of promoting the new technologies to the door step of the users/ customers to take advantage of these new innovation by way of representing our own range of products. Deep Care System, a baby of Nutan Industries is born out of passion for the nation of a team of qualified engineers from Pune to provide high quality International Standard product and services to there countrymen. The company since its birth in Oct 2002 has been operating with philosophy of "True Sprit of Care " which bagged organizations. The company is here to ensure there associates the maximum profitability and satisfaction by providing best quality international standared branded products. Highly satisfied.

Company Name : Nutan Industries


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