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Neiss Labs Private Limited

Neiss Labs Private Limited



Neiss Labs Private Limited

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Neiss Labs Pvt. Ltd. is the marketing wing of the Jain Group - a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical group engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing a spectrum of pharmaceutical formulations. Active in the domestic market for almost three decades, Neiss has established a strong presence across India. The company is currently focused on making a renewed thrust in the international market with branded formulations as well as high quality generics. Ever since its inception, Neiss has been wholly focused on the twin objectives of availability and affordability. We seek to serve the broadest possible spectrum of patients of all economic strata by bringing them a product portfolio across a wide range of therapeutic areas and at the most reasonable costs. Every product is backed by reputation for consistent quality and constant innovation. Headquartered in Varanasi, the Group comprises of Obzone Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, Ramesh Medical Hall, Varanasi, Lunawat Distributors, Varanasi. The Group is having Administrative Office in Mumbai, the finance capital of India. The Group is dedicated to delivering the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, through top quality, an expanding product range and timely deliveries. As a vital part of the exciting, high growth-oriented Jain Group, Neiss is building a marketing team that is truly without limits. We have seen steady growth through the years and believe the time is now ripe for a sustained penetration of the International market. Thus, we have a vision and are looking for the right people to turn it into a reality. We seek energetic and creative people who are looking towards taking our products the length and breath of the globe to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and patients. Ours will be on-going and comprehensive back-up marketing and communication support. Together, we’ll be partners in progress and combine sound business with the joy of bringing solace to sick people.

Company Name : Neiss Labs Private Limited


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