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Selective Exports Pvt. Ltd

Selective Exports Pvt. Ltd



Selective Exports Pvt. Ltd

Description :

We are one of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Metal Pens from Mumbai(Bombay) India. We have 6 different categories and more then 88 models of Metal Pens to choose from, description of each category are as follows: 1) Acrylic Pens and Sets(AC) 2) Button Press Action(BP) 3) Button Press Gripper(BPG) 4) Cap Press Action(CP) 5) Half metal(HM) 6) Twist Action and with Gripper(TW) We do have our complete range of models on a disk(CD) I can send you one at the earliest if you wish to view all. Please do not hesitate for further assistance or sample request. Looking forward to start a business dialog very soon. Awaiting your positive reply.

Company Name : Selective Exports Pvt. Ltd


Products of Selective Exports Pvt. Ltd

Twist Ball Pens

Twist Ball Pens

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