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Iba - International Business Alliance

Iba - International Business Alliance



Iba - International Business Alliance

Description :

1. General information Type of business: Consulting firm/agency for international trade Registered office: Sq- 59, gulmohar enclave, new delhi, pin-110049(india)turnover: Inr 5.3 crores(us $ 1.75 million) Introduction of ceo: The company ceo mr. Hisham m qasmi is young dynamic entrepreneur belonging to a family of authors and orators. He holds a masters degree in international trade from university of delhi and has worked with iit delhi computer center and ipcs delhi marketing before starting iba in 1991. His expertise has been in the work areas of imports and exports of high profile goods such as aeronautics and precision instruments. His vast travel experience around the globe has helped him form and organize businesses in most useful ways. Consultancy through iba to many upcoming ceos and firms has achieved him great respect. His future plan is to grow iba into a global consulting firm. 2. Services With a team of experienced and widely traveled executives this firm specializes in following areas. Consulting firm/agency for international trade The firm international business alliance or iba works exclusively as consulting firm in the field of import and export. It offers services to all who are interested in international trade. The main areas of work include feasibility of import/export sourcing, pricing, documentation, clearance&forwarding of the shipments and providing home delivery of the products. Turnkey project for international trade Iba takes up the job of initiating the business from scratch. On the basis of its client financial standing and personal interests iba will identify the product, sourcing, marketing, negotiating, procurement of business and execution. Iba then will handover the business to its client after first execution of business. Consultancy for execution of existing business With its vast experience in the field of international trade iba gives a helping hand to those exporters or importers who need guidance in running their business smoothly by professional hands. This service is provided on the basis of the value/volume or for a specified time frame. Contract based advanced consultancy for Exporter/importer Companies, ceos and organizations with busy schedules take up services from iba for solving complications arising in their businesses. Those who already have running businesses and want expansion in work area will benefit by iba through this service. Sourcing of goods and business Locating the right source of product, the right country to supply goods and the right supplier to india is what i. B. A. Does as its main function. There are sometime more than one country and hundreds of suppliers dealing in one product which could be a problem of choice. Further i. B. A. Also has ten years experience in checking the company antecedents, the choice of port of delivery and the right invoicing. In some special cases iba even imports or exports on behalf of its client.

Company Name : Iba - International Business Alliance


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