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Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd

Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd



Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd

Description :

Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading marketing Company for Computer hardware and software. The business is over 6 years old, and the brand, Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd., is recognized as a market leader in Sales and services which are provided to a large customer base through 3 branch offices, about 300 reseller in India. Multilink is also associated with the leading Multinational Companies as distributors and channel partner. Few of them are Mulitech Computers Pvt. Ltd., Integra Micro Systems India Ltd., Techpacific India Pvt. Ltd., Kodak, Nikon, Pinnacle, Ascom, Olympus, Aiptek, Intel, Seagate, 3 Com, Cisco, Dasan, US Robotics, Umax, HP and Acer. Multilink has been active in following areas of Business : 1. Wireless communications, which will include setting up Networks using equipment based on the latest technology and manufactured by reputed overseas companies. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS). 2. Items required for local Area and Wide Area Networks-LAN and WAN such as modems (Dial-up, ISDN, Cable and xDSL), Hubs, Switches, Routers, etc., Antennae, Cables, power amplifiers, etc. 3. The company Also offer its customer a full range of computer system including Desk Top computer system note book computers work station network server and Storage products as well as extended selection of peripheral hardware computing software and relative services. Additionally the company offers an area of services to support its customer online initiatives. The company direct model offers in personal relationship with corporate and institutional customers as well as telephone and Internet purchasing, Build to order computer system, telephone and online technical support and on sight product service. Multilink sells its product to large corporate, Government, Health Care and Education Customers, Small-to-Medium Business and Individuals. Multilink Computers is a high technology management company through its affiliates mulitlink praises in several fields: making of commercial systems in field of telecommunications, computer entertainment and Broadcasting System. 4. Multilink Computer is also active in sector of servicing and repairing. We are authorized service center for Yamaha, ACER, Cd-Writer/CD-Rom and Pioneer DVD and Umax Astra (Scanner). We are capable of diagnosing fault finding & repairing of all high end storage and imaging products. We have invested in alignment Jig & other devices for repairing. 5. Solution Provider of Barcode Scanners and Barcode Printers. 6. We are also authorized dealer of IBM Products. Multilink Computers is a high-tech company, fast emerging as an end to end solution-providing company. Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd. From its Head office of 24, Deepak Building 13 Nehru Place, New Delhi is fully equipped with Marketing and Support for assembled range of computers. Multilink also has access to a highly successful and proprietory wireless technology for mobile Internet with speed upto 128kbps, ISDN & leased line. Some of our Customers are : 1. State Bank of India 2. ICICI 3. ABN AMRO 4. Harvest Gold 5. Span Consultants 6. NTPC 7. S.Chand & Sons Co. 8. Total Energy Research Institute 9. Air Force 10. Daksh

Company Name : Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd


Products of Multilink Computers Pvt. Ltd

High Power Super A / G Wireless POE AP

High Power Super A /
G Wireless POE AP
Wireless Multi-Client Bridge / Access Point

Multi-Client Bridge
/ Access Point

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