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Yokins Instruments

Yokins Instruments



Yokins Instruments

Description :

Yokins Instruments started its manufacturing of electrical instruments to meet the requirements of various industries, educational institutes and Government bodies like State Electricity Boards, Railways, Department of Telecommunications, Defence etc. in India as well as overseas. Since its founding , the company has made consistent growth on an average of 20% every year and today it has been able to make a name in the market. Presently the comapny is manufacturing Analog panel meters of both moving iron and moving coil type, power factor meters, watt Meters & Digital Panel Meters, (D.P.Ms) etc. We get our products type approved from leading accredited test laboratories in India like National Physical Laboratory, ERTL (N), ETDC, IDEMI (MUMBAI), The company gives top priority in quality and customers satisfaction in true spirit as aresult of which it has been succeeded in the building up its brand image of 'YOKINS' Our product range includes: - Voltmeters - Ammeters - PF meters - Watt meters - Frequency meters - Insulation testers - Shunts - CTs We are an ISO 9002 certified organization and our aim is to satisfy our customers by providing world class products at competitive prices. We envisage that the above can be achieved through continuous improvement in our product quality & customers service and also developing our human resources. Our Quality Objectives are : * Continuously reduce rejection. * Bring down customer complaints to zero level. * Continuously develop human resources. * Reduce response time.

Company Name : Yokins Instruments


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