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Logicstat is a technology based company located in the heart of new delhi, india. The company has a strong manufacturing base(with 5 factories and over 300 employees) and specializes in product development of transformers, power conversion equipment, battery charging and testing equipment's& controls. Logicstat has capabilities for in-house r& d, product design, test, prototype development for special applications. The company's in-house r& d facilities have been recognized by the department of electronics, government of india. Logicstat is the only fully integrated power conditioning company. It is the largest company in india in this field, and has been pioneering dependable products since 1968. It is exporting its products to numerous countries. Strengths Young, trained and motivated work force. Reliable technologies and high quality dependable products. Total quality culture and strong research base. Latest technology and machinery. Strong brand image and machinery. Large quantities - fully assembled or skd. Oldest company in india in this field - over 27 years. Special awards Indian national award for quality product for voltage stabilizer from ministry of industries. Products Electronic avrs Mainly for domestic use, automatic voltage regulators range from 0.25 kva upto 10.00 kva, covering a vast range of voltage fluctuation. It is used for tvs, vcrs, toasters, microwaves, motors, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Specifications Double step input:160v-260v output:200v-240v Three step input:140v-280v output:200-240v Five step input:100v-300v output:200v-240v Servo avrs Mainly for industrial use, servos are used in CNC machines, air conditioning plants, motor loads, telecommunication networks, bio medical equipment, r&d institutions and industrial units. Their range is as below: Range type 1.00 kva upto 10.00 kva single phase(air cooled) 10.00 kva upto 50.00 kva single phase(oil cooled) 5.00 kva upto 40.00 kva three phase(balanced load-air cooled) 10.00 kva upto 1500.00 kva three phase(balanced load-oil cooled) 5.00 kva upto 40.00 kva three phase(unbalanced load-air cooled) 10.00 kva upto 1500.00 kva three phase(unbalanced load-oil cooled) Standard transformer oil for oil cooled type Specifications single phase three phase Input volts* 160-260v 300-440/360-500 Output volts* 230 +/- 1% 380/400/415 +/-1% Efficiency >95% >97% Frequency 48-52 hz 48-52 hz Wave form distortion nil nil Temperature depends on cooling type& is specifications Environment designed for indoor tropical use Constant voltage transformer(cvt) Cvts are used in computers, data processing equipment, fax machines, biomedical equipment, testing labs, etc. Other products Battery chargers Control/isolation transformers Testing equipment DC power supplies Ozonator - water purifier Spare parts will be provided for all above products Client list: Logicstat is a brand built on trust, dependability and values not to forget continued research& development and enhancement of technology. A few of these companies are listed below: Bharti(airtel) blue star bharat petroleum birla home finance Dabur india ltd. ericsson coca cola beverage pvt. Ltd. hindustan lever ltd. Indian oil corpn. Ltd. larsen& toubro limited pepsi co. tata telecom limited Price waterhouse& co. hutch(essar) contract manufacturing for many local companies.

Company Name : Logicstat


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