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D'gipro Systems Pvt. Ltd

D'gipro Systems Pvt. Ltd



D'gipro Systems Pvt. Ltd

Description :

Established in 1987, d'gipro systems, offers a wide spectrum of services and addresses areas of networking and telecom. The formidable knowledge base of the company is in the areas of asic/fpga development and PCB design. The team has over 250 man-years of experience in digital, rf, analog and mixed signal technologies We have introduced numerous PCB products into the market place with huge success from research to power circuitry, digital high speed, wireless communications, military applications and to medical&specialty products such as digital, rf, analog, flexible circuits and mixed technologies. We pay attention to special requirements to turn ideas into design reality. By utilizing our extensive manufacturing knowledge at the design stage, we reduce cycle times - cost saving solutions, order by order. Our services are available utilizing the following software packages: Schematic capture : orcad, hdl concept and mentor expedition. Routing : zuken cadstar, cadence allegro, pads, expedition and orcad. Signal integrity : spectra quest SI, sigrity speed 2000. Cam : view mate, gerber viewer. We also perform design-for-manufacturability(dfm)analysis on complete designs. The team has designed pcbs upto 32 layers with blind and buried vias and blind hdi microvias. We also undertake signal integrity analysis and thermal analysis. D'gipro systems is a dynamic company constantly leveraging its value to its partners/clients. To just name a few, we have successfully established credibility with the following clients Honeywell Texas instruments Delphi automation Infineon Force computers Ge-medicals/x-ray St microelectronics Cypress Centillium Wipro Bel-crl Indian defence sector(lrdeade and drdo) We at dgipro have a vision and commitment of becoming a global player in the chosen field of operations. D'gipro systems India pvt. Ltd. Wishes to render the world class technology development services which might help us develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Company Name : D'gipro Systems Pvt. Ltd


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