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Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd



Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Description :

PERFECT ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD. engaged in the manufacture of Ferrite based wire wound components for Electronic industry is situated in Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Instronic Estate, Phase II, in Thiruvanmiyur of Chennai City, capital of Tamil Nadu, Southern part of India. Established in 1978, PERFECT has more than 25 years of extensive manufacturing experience in the Electronic field and is a reliable manufacturer dedicated in producing high quality wire wound components to the specified requirements of customers. PERFECT has manufacturing facility in a built up area of 13500 sq.ft. and has further open area of 4500 sq.ft. for future expansion. With sophisticated coil winding machines, necessary test and measuring equipments, trained personnel, qualified technical staff and workers backed up by administrative set up & computers. PERFECT has a full fledged self supporting unit capable of meeting every wire wound need of Electronics Components. The factory unit has also been provided with 100% stand by power generation and necessary tooling. PERFECT ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD. is a part of four-member ELCOMPO group headed by Elcompo Electronics Pvt.Ltd., which includes Utsavgiri Computers & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Quality Electronics Pvt. Ltd., apart from Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd., - with all these four units located nearby. The strength of PERFECT ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD., is the constant support - Administrative, Marketing, Design & Technical -- it derives from its group companies. The Company is well managed by a team of young directors who are professionally qualified & administratively well trained. PERFECT has wide range of wire wound products catering to the needs of various TV Monitor & other electronic applications, some of which are given below:- Linearity Coils (Fixed / Adjustable Type) The Linearity Corrector is for the line deflection output stage for monitor & T.V. receivers. It is used in conjunction with deflection unit with series connected line coils. The magnet is used to adjust the biasing field of the coils, enabling or facilitating the linearity of the line deflection in the case of adjustable linearity coil. Line Driver Transformers Pulse or AC signals are transmitted and if required transformed to a higher or lower voltage level. Also galvanic separation to fulfil safety requirements and Impedance matching are provided in these coils. Line Filters Frame Core & Conventional Type It has been designed for use in consumer or professional equipment as part of the filter network in the power supply. To avoid the conduction of switching noise from a SMPS into the mains, an Input filter is necessary. The magnetic circuit of the filters is usually a pair of UU cores, frame core or a ring core. Choke coils/ Inductors In damping circuits, either beads or chokes may be used in conjunction with small capacitors. The L.C circuit provides additional filtering of the soft resonant frequency of that capacitor and its leads. Toroid Coils The toroids permit to obtain high Inductance at reduced volume. It is a close magnetic circuit with a minimum leakage. These toroids are therefore very advantageous when highly packed couplings are desired. Bead Inductor Coils Ferrite Beads are used for screening and Damping. They are used in v.h.f. Radio, T.V. receivers and in electric motors, ignition systems etc., to reduce in or out going interference. Fixed Coils/Inductor Coils Its functions as low / high frequency Inductance device used in communication approaches, Automatic control machine, Electronic Testing Instruments, etc., QUALITY ASSURANCE PERFECT is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and has a Quality Assurance set up and state of the art testing equipments. Backed up by a trained technical staff, PERFECT enforces strict Quality Control Procedures at every production stage to ensure that all products meet the highest performance / reliability requirement.

Company Name : Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd


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Line Driver

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