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ColorPlast Systems Pvt Ltd

ColorPlast Systems Pvt Ltd



ColorPlast Systems Pvt Ltd

Description :

Printing of CR80 standard size cards made of plastic, PVC, ABS, combination of these, as well as paper board, is the primary area of operation of ColorPlast Systems. Our equipment is capable of multi-color offset & screen printing of these types of cards of varying thickness, with or without chip cavity, cards with embedded chip, and/or magnetic stripe. Furthermore, these printed cards can be personalized and treated in many ways by our machines. GSM/SIM Cards, Prepaid Phone Scratch Cards Telecom companies require SIM cards regularly for an increasing customer base. They also require cards with a number and scratch-off label. These are used by customers to top up their phone/internet accounts. Any type of SIM cards and other Telecom Cards can be printed in our unit. In the initial stages of any product development, the quality of the service of that product is important. Very soon, competition in the area makes it mandatory for companies to look for value addition to the product in terms of packaging and advertising. Colorplast helps in this type of value addition by printing high quality offset images on the cards. They look and appear better than the competition, and are able to send an advertising message in a more effective way. Security is of utmost importance in a product like this. We have, with the help of our collaborators in Switzerland who have an experience of producing such products for over eight years, developed measures to ensure complete secrecy and security of data and cards. The serial number, pin number and scratch-off label is applied in a single pass ensuring that even the operator cannot see the number. Identification In wake of the increasing terrorist threats, both government and private institutions are looking for establishing the identity of everyone. Like the Social Security Card and the much coveted Green Card of USA, National Identity Cards are fast being requested by government agencies. Likewise, every institution wants to identify its employees or associates with plastic cards. They can also be used to limit or monitor access to various buildings or areas. The number of such cards required is equal to the population of any country, plus the multiplicity of requirement. Most big corporates already have such a system in place and are looking for replacing them with increased security enabled cards. Such cards can have multiple uses, or can be accompanied by ancillary cards like the Voter's Identity Card, Ration Card, Driver's Licence, or other such applications. Banking and Finance Every bank has automated teller machines for their operations. The mass production of these cards is a complicated process which the ColorPlast is capable of undertaking. Most of these cards are presently coming with a magnetic strip. In the next level, they will come with embedded chip, which will be encoded by the issuing financial institution or bank. But the base of all these will remain a printed card - the type which can be supplied by ColorPlast Systems. Health and Insurance With the increased awareness in health and insurance, customer identification plastic cards which may also carry some health or other information about the user are increasingly becoming popular. The ease of carrying ensures that the user always carries the card on his person and can be of much use in emergencies to identify the user and access his health data. Customer Relationship Management Cards Loyalty Cards. These are plastic cards with an advertising message, and additional benefit that it ensures is that the membership number is handy with the customer all the time, and can be quoted for gaining or redeemable of loyalty points or other such benefits. Use of such plastic cards to get fuel from the petrol pumps has also been started by many oil companies.

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