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Adz Global Trading Co

Adz Global Trading Co



Adz Global Trading Co

Description :

ADZ global trading company will get you the right products, at the right price, at the right time, to the right place. Finding, pricing, and shipping products from an international supplier can be risky, costly and time consuming. First, you have to spend the time(and money) locating possible suppliers. Then you need to verify a suppliers product that meets your specifications. That is a difficult enough when you are in the same country, let alone when a supplier is in a different part of the world. Then you start a long range negotiation process not the best way to conduct a business transaction. Even if you are able to procure the products at a reasonable price, you are then faced with the complex maze of shipping, importing and transporting your product. Why repeat this every time you need products from an overseas supplier in the U. S.? Give ADZ global trading company your product specifications and we will take it from identifying the right supplier through getting that product to your door. Sourcing finding the right product for you. ADZ global trading company works with you to define your product specifications to make sure you get what you need. Then we search our nationwide network of quality manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to get you competitive prices on highest quality product consistent with your specifications. Using our years of experience dealing with companies in the united states, we will negotiate desirable terms and conditions on your behalf. Need product customization to ensure acceptance in your market? ADZ global trading company will work with the supplier to tailor their product to your local needs, including packaging if requested. Your product will arrive ready to go to your marketplace. Shipping getting your product to your door ADZ global trading company has developed relationships with a network of proven forwarding and transportation companies to make sure your product is shipped directly to your door. Whether your product is shipped by air, sea or land, adz global trading will make the arrangements for you. Need to arrange product handling at customs crossings? ADZ global trading company will make sure customs processing is smooth and complete without delaying the arrival of your products. ADZ global trading company, your single source for getting the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Work with us on your next U. S. based purchase.

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