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Lateral Soft

Description :

Lateral Soft is three-year-old Software Services Company with an objective to provide quality software development services in Embedded Systems. We are headquartered in Mumbai, India. We are a 15 member professional team with average experience of 7 years. The Management team is well balanced with skills from all facets of software Development. We have executed projects to various customers during our tenure. Lateral Soft provide wide range of design, development and support services for embedded components and systems including product development in verticals like 1. Automobiles 2. Industrial automation 3. Mobile and wireless 4. Office automation 5. Consumer electronics 6. Medical electronics Lateral Soft's service include 1. Software services: a. Custom Device driver development for windows and Linum platform specialized in i. USB based devices ii. PCI BUS iii. VME BUS iv. ISA v. PC - card vi. RS232 serial b. Firmware development c. RTOS porting d. Protocol Implementation e. Power electronics 2. Product development: We develop products for our customers and as well inhouse products Products developed by us a. Security systems: i. Home security - AUTO DIALER This product is a security alarm system, using state of art microcontroller based technology and meant primarily for the detection of intruders in a premise, round the clock and initiation of local alarms for notifying the neighbours about the intrusion and remote alarm for the owner of the premise or persons assigned to look after the premise to enable them to take appropriate action instantly. This system is suitable for all types of premises including A. Houses B. Offices C. Banks and Financial Institutions D. Retail Outlets, showrooms etc. E. Industrial Buildings F. Laboratories Ii. Automobile security - Remote operated Electronic Security system This is a control unit which receives signal from various sensors. This can perform the following functions A.4 door remote central locking B. Auto arm/disarm on ignition sensing C. Siren aler on 4 doors/dickey/bonnert opening B. GPS based vehicle Tracking system: This system(installed on the vechicle) will find the location of the vehicle and transmit to the Base station continuously and the details can be viewed on a PC. The system can also allow the base station people to communicate with the driver of the vehicle. This system operates through GPS(Global positioning system) and Mobile phone system. This system can also track various other parameters of vehicle like i. Speed of the vehicle ii. Distance covered by the vehicle iii. ON/OFF of the vehicle etc. Apart from the above we have the capacity and capability to Design any product as per customer requirements.

Company Name : Lateral Soft


Products of Lateral Soft

TRACER - Affordable Vehicle Tracking System

TRACER - Affordable
Vehicle Tracking

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