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Unique Equipments

Unique Equipments



Unique Equipments

Description :

At the outset we would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer and Exporter of Metal Detectors for each and every applications and other various Security Gadgets. Unique Metal Detectors ensure that metal contamination does not reach consumer or damage expensive machinery. Our Metal Detectors are been used in manufacturing and processing industries as diverse as Pharmaceuticals, foods, Confectionery, Baking, Rubber, Pet Foods, Sea Foods, Chemical, Textiles, Plastics, and Agro Based Industries. As todays manufacturers incorporate modernized equipments in their production/manufacturing units, the wear and tear of machineries and its parts cannot be over ruled. Unique Metal Detectors are able to detect the required amount of metals that are also embedded inside the products, which may otherwise cause severe damages to the consumer or damage the expensive machinery. Unique Metal Detectors can be fitted on conveyors, chutes, pipelines as well as packaging and processing equipments or other bulk flow handling equipments to provide completely unattended inspections. Unique Metal Detectors are able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals passed any where through the aperture. When metal is detected the Metal Detector relay operates so as to actuate alarm, stop the conveyor motor or operates an auto reject mechanism so as to divert the contaminated products. Uni Pharma Tablet Metal Detectors are been widely used by the Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers. We shall feel highly obliged to receive your valued inquiry for your requirement for the metal detectors. Besides the standard range, we are also in a position to develop special Metal Detectors for specific application.

Company Name : Unique Equipments


Products of Unique Equipments

Metal Detector

Metal Detector
Micro Scan Metal Detector

Micro Scan Metal

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