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Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd

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Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd

Description :

SCOPE T&M Pvt. Ltd. Popularly known as SCOPE, was incorporated as Specific Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. On January 13, 1988 after an eight month pre-operative product development period. SCOPE is a pioneer in developing portable measuring instruments for the power sector in India and specializes in offering measuring solutions for users as well as manufacturers of equipment for generation, transmission and distribution of power. Our approach of seeking synergetic solutions to our customer needs has enriched the quality of our ultimate goal - customer satisfaction. In fact, we owe our growth to the confidence with which our customers approach us for solutions. To ensure the highest quality of products and services, SCOPE has a well-equipped design lab, calibration setup, modern manufacturing facilities, an interactive sales force and a dedicated field support team. Sales offices in different places guarantee quick response to the needs of customers spread all over the sector. Frequent training programs are organized to help users realize fully the capabilities of the instruments supplied by us. O Divisions: O T&M: Responsible for the Production, Marketing&Sales of the Portable Products manufactured by SCOPE. O Agency Business: Rresponsible for the Production, Marketing&Sales of the Products marketed by SCOPE. O Application Engineering Group: Responsible for the Production, Marketing&Sales of the Non-Portable Products manufactured by SCOPE. Through this group we are also giving the customized solutions to our customers as per their requirements. O Industrial Aluminum Cases: Producing the Aluminum cases required for our internal use. Also manufacturing the Customized Cases for selling them to other Customers. O Information Technology: This group is giving the total Software solution for SCOPE as well as for other utilities as per their requirement. O Sister Concern: ISOSCELES Sales&Services is our sole service partner. They are giving all the after sales services, repairing&calibration services to all of our customers after the warranty period. ISOSCELES is also taking the jobs of Testing&Commissioning and also the Maintenance job for the Sub-station/Power-station equipments on Turnkey basis as well as Contract Basis. SCOPE has been a pioneer in India in introducing the concept of Periodic Maintenance Inspection(PMI)in 1988. These efforts have LED to a situation where all State Electricity Boards, Power Companies and manufacturers of switchgear use SCOPE products. SCOT MUT/MUT4 - Universal Time Interval Meters of different ranges and resolutions, having innovative trigger options, for testing protective relays etc. SCOT M3K/MXP - Portable three phase circuit breaker time interval meters for field use, for displaying and/or recording test data. HISAC - Portable Circuit Breaker Operational Analyzers of various configurations, for measuring dynamic characteristics of HV/EHV Circuit Breakers under site conditions. DCRM - To be used with HISAC portable Dynamic Contact Resistance Meters injecting 100 to 1000A DC to assess the condition of Circuit Breaker main and arcing contacts without dismantling the interrupter, under site conditions. CRM - Portable Contact Resistance Meters injecting up to 100A/200A DC for Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Bus bar joints, etc. Under site conditions. TRM - Winding Resistance Meters for Transformers having a range of current injection capabilities and accuracies, for 4 wire measurement of winding resistances of Transformers, Reactors, Induction motors etc. Under site conditions. AUTOSCAN - Set of modules of hardware and software, integrated to provide an extremely powerful solution to automated testing. Applications include Switchgear and On Load Tap Changers. RTmon - The Most powerful Real Time system for on-line continuous performance monitoring of all the Circuit Breakers installed in the switchyard directly form the control room with the help of CIRmon Software.

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