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Mazzolari Impiantistica

Mazzolari Impiantistica



Mazzolari Impiantistica

Description :

Mazzolari Impiantistica is a young Italian company which has as main features industry and dynamism. It started its activity in zootechny planning, manufacturing and installing disinfecting, disinfesting and deodorising equipment in food industry, intensive breeding, hatchery, farms. Since the late eighties it has focussed on natural ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IN SWINE BREEDING. But the biggest step that shows the growth and dynamism of our company is, since this year, the approach to a new and often disregarded aspect of swine breeding: BABY PIG SAVING by means of ARTIFICIAL MILK FEEDING. After a careful study of baby pig habits, we have found out that the feeders already present on the market were not solving the problems caused by extra large litters, problem sows with no milk, necessity for early, emergency and complete weanings, with the result of considerable economic losses for the breeder. This gave successful birth to our new patented system of milk feeders made concrete in MAMINA and MAMINA4. These are both easily dismantled, washed and disinfected for a quick and perfect cleaning. To sum up, the concept behind MAMINA, MAMINA4 and its system is total quality that perfectly answers the operator’s needs. As far as the A.I. is concerned, we started to develop a programme of design, test and building a complete range of total quality equipment for laboratory and breeding with the precious co-operation of one of the most Italian consulting companies in swine breeding, with the National Association of Swine Breeders, and the Union of A.I. Operators: ALIBUS:A.I. selfsupplying trolleys VAPORBIOS:steam flux “melrose” catheter sterilisers at 120 C; TERMOBIOS: stainless steel water baths MICROBIOS: professional one-piece warmed table microscopes ROTOBIOS:stainless steel, “transversal” movement semen stirrers FRIGOBIOS: refrigerating storage cabinets with extreme stability of temperature CALORBIOS: stainless steel high temperature dry sterilisers; STERIBIOS:physiological temperature warmed hermetic storage cabinets for sterile material, with U.V.-C lamp All these instruments really enable anyone to take a professional approach to the effective, simple and rewarding practice of Artificial Insemination. On the other hand, they are all aimed at protecting the environment, by pushing the use of reusable tools instead of disposables. All our products are characterized by RELIABILTY (Granted By First Choice Materials), Long-Lasting Performance (Stainless Steel As The Essential Component), Practicality In Use (Sofisticated Technology Inside Instruments Of Daily Usage). This has gained the trust of the best Italian breeders (and not only these), and has always been our best form of advertising.

Company Name : Mazzolari Impiantistica


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