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Chessmaze International

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Chessmaze International

Description :

Established in 1990, Chessmaze International is a World renown manufacturer of Tournament chess and related associated games products. We have been successfully exporting chess products for many years to chess wholesalers from North American and the European market since 1990. Our vast range of products include but not neccesarily limited to: Solid construction weighted/unweighted chess pieces, vinyl chess boards, quartz/digital and mechanical clocks and almost all other related Chess products. We welcome you to further enquire our current trade prices, terms and conditions. Competitively priced products, excellent customer care and after sales service is a company standard. From point of sale through to managing your scheduled delivery, the team at Chessmaze are here to help you. Open an account with us today, we look forward to hearing from you!

Company Name : Chessmaze International


Products of Chessmaze International

Tournament Chess Products

Tournament Chess

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